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The Lighthouse Project Creating Child Honoring Communities

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The Lighthouse Project will create in Big Bear a child honoring community in which respect for one another, supportive relationships and our community values can be observed and felt throughout our community.

The mission of the Lighthouse Project, a non-profit organization devoted to a proactive culture shift in honor of our community’s children, is to work collaboratively with other agencies, groups, organizations and individuals to create a community in which all members:

  1. Have a sense of worth and belonging

  2. Take responsibility for themselves, each other, and all children

  3. View children as assets, and use the positive language of asset building in personal
    and professional settings

  4. Are further inspired to achieve excellence in all endeavors

  5. Awareness and Consensus Building

  6. Collaboration toward the Lighthouse vision among schools, agencies, clubs, faith based organizations and individuals through coordinated and focused efforts

  7. Empowering Youth

  8. Influencing Civic Decisions

  9. Honoring Diversity While Building Bridges for an All-Inclusive Community

  10. Attracting new young people to the community, thereby reinvigorating the community in a variety of sectors including schools, churches, clubs and the economy




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