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We recognize that the HEALTH AND FUTURE OF OUR COMMUNITY relies upon the positive attitudes and solid ethical practices of our elected officials.

We also know that the campaign process has enduring impact on the quality and effectiveness of our leaders. 

A bright future is ours when we elect leaders who: 

  1. Practice governance and eschew personal agendas

  2. Demonstrate an openness and ability to learn from divergent thinking

  3. Cultivate collaboration

  4. Consider the impact of decisions on future generations

  5. Have conviction in the belief that our possibilities for advancement are limitless

Public Service & Campaign Ethics Promise

As a candidate for office in the community of Bear Valley, I promise:

  1. To conduct my campaign by focusing on issues and platforms without attacking or demeaning my opponents

  2. To use only overt campaign methods, not using or tolerating surrogates or any other similarly deceptive tactics

  3. To develop and distribute positive campaign literature and messages

  4. To focus on issues, not personalities

  5. To welcome differences of opinion as opportunities for growth

  6. To show respect when faced with disrespect

  7. To be a role model of integrity

  8. To help establish our community government as one in which its leaders uphold the public trust with integrity while modeling behaviors of dignity and respect

  9. If elected, I promise to uphold these principles during my term of office

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